National Informatics Center, District Unit, GUNA

Introduction -
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The National Informatics Centre (NIC) was set-up in March' 1977 by the Government of India to provide computer based information services to Government departments. Today NIC, is a premier Information Technology organization in India which is committed to provide state-of-the-art, solutions for the IT needs of the Government of India at all levels. NIC carries the distinction of being the largest IT Organization in the Country and has set up a satellite based nationwide computer communication network, called NICNET, with over 1400 nodes connecting the National Capital, the State Capitals and the District Headquarters to one another.

   The organizational set up of NIC encompasses its Headquarters at New Delhi, state units in all the 29 State capitals and 6 Union Territory Headquarters and district centres in more than 600 districts of India. The Organization employs a large pool of efficient technical manpower. At the NIC Headquarters, a large number of Application Divisions exist which provide total Informatics Support to the Ministries and Departments of the Central Government. NIC computer cells are located in almost all the Ministry Bhawans of the Central Government and Apex Offices including the Prime Minister's Office, the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Parliament House. Apart from this, NIC has various Resource Divisions at the Headquarters which specialize into different areas of IT and facilitate the Application Divisions as well as other NIC Centres in providing state-of-the-art services to the Govt. At the State level, NIC State Centres provide informatics support to their respective State Government and at the District level lie the NIC District Infomatics Offices which strive hard to provide effective informatics support to the Development, Revenue and Judiciary administration of the District.

NIC District Centre -
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NIC District centre at Guna was established in the year 1988, NIC district centre is situated in Zila Panchayat Building in collectorate campus. Two officials, District Informatics Officer(DIO) and District Informatics Associate(DIA) are posted by NIC to assist the district administration and other district officials. With the coordination of NIC officials and district administration as well as other district level officials, NIC has established its necessity in various administrative and decision level work. With a latest infrastructure in ICT.

Sr No Name Designation Contact No Email
1. Smt Neerja Saxena Dictrict Information Officer 07542 - 254419 mpgun[at]nic[dot]in
2. Vacant Dictrict Information Associate 07542 - 254419 mpgun[at]nic[dot]in
3. Gaurav Shitole Engineer - Network Managment +91- 9584714278 gaurav.shitole[at]wipro[dot]com
4. Amit Gupta Engineer - Network Managment +91- 9039162296 amit.gupta24[at]wipro[dot]com

NIC District Centre Guna is providing following services -
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          1.   Development of MIS and Decision support system as per the requirement of the District Administration.
          2.   Implementation of National/State level software projects.
          3.   Providing technical support for site preparation and hardware installation in various government departments
          4.   Conduction of training programmes for promotion of IT.
          5.   Provide videoconferencing service to Government departments.
          6.   Providing E-mail/Internet services to the Government department.
          7.   Networking.
          8.   Digital Signature Providing.

Major Projects Undertaken at NIC -
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          Department             Computerised Projects Name
District Collectorate * Diversion Information System
* Time Limit Paper Monitoring System
* Public Grivance Vigilence System
* Arms License Monitoring System (ARMS)
* One Day Governance(ODG)
* Revenue Court Cases Monitoring System
* Payroll information System
* Computerised Election Management System.
* Patwari Recruitment System
Zila Panchayat * Below Poverty Line (BPL) Survey
* Panchayati Raj Institiution S/w(Panchlekha)
* National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
* Ruralsoft
* Plan Plus for BRGF
* Survey on Physically Handicapped Persons
* Panchayat Directory Information system (PDIS)
Land Record * Bhu Abhilekh 4.0
* Crop Insurance
Women & Child Devleopment * Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)
Planning * Works Monitoring System (ICDS)
Health * Integrated Diesase Survillence Programme
* Web Site for CMHO Office
Consumer Forum * Confonet
Food * Public Distribution Management System