Archival Policy

Government websites generally are storehouses of a large number of documents and reports, which are of relevance and importance to specific audiences as well as citizens at large. Many times, these documents also have historical importance and are also referred extensively for academic and research purposes. These documents can be kept for online access only for a specific period of time and need to be moved to offline archives on the expiry of the pre-decided duration. This is important since these old documents sometimes need to be referred to for regulatory or legal purposes.

The Departments MUST have a clear-cut Archival Policy with regard to such old documents stating for how long would they be kept online, when would they be moved to offline archives and if/when would they be permanently deleted or purged.

The < section names e.g., visitor statistics, newsletter and spotlight items> will be online archived automatically after entering < yth year> from the date of their publishing. < Name of district> maintains online archives for a period of to allow for the retrieval of content which has expired. < Schemes, Tenders, Forms, Recruitment Notices> which have been withdrawn, or discontinued, or have exceeded < x years> after archiving, may be expunged.